Spalletti: “I did not deserve those whistles”

Luciano Spalletti held a press conference to officially close his adventure with the Giallorossi. Even if the Tuscan coach did not trigger further controversies, he expressed his disappointment for the criticisms received on Totti’s management.

Luciano Spalletti - AS Roma
Luciano Spalletti

“I made mistakes but I always behaved consistently. I’ve said important things during the season because I believed that it would have been the right moment to say those things.

I heard Sunday’s whistles, but I was ready because I perceived them even before they actually happened. Those whistles come from the conscience of someone who wanted to place an internal war between me and Totti. That war never existed! I did not deserve those whistles for the person that I am and for the work that I’ve done.

Those who highlighted this demarcation line have to find different arguments from now on. Totti has left and there’s the need to fill the gap.

Potentially, every player on the AS Roma roster is a champion. I hope Roma will be able to reach better results. Francesco will always be my friend and we’ll go ahead talking to each other. There is mutual esteem.

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