Gandini stops Inter’s excitement

Umberto Gandini - AS Roma's CEO
Umberto Gandini - AS Roma's CEO

Tomorrow AS Roma will officially launch the 2017-18 Season Ticket Campaign but at the presentation that CEO Umberto Gandini held today, he wanted to clarify a few transfer market rumors that are annoying the fans.

“I want to highlight that the slogan that we released (It will be wonderful) refers to the experience to be with AS Roma. We have a series of decisions to take and we will do so as planned. When Monchi was presented here in this press room, one of your questions was answered, (There’s not a label FOR SALE here at AS Roma). Ultimately, rumors are reporting that several players will be sold. I want to reassure the fans that we will have 22/25 players and we will be able to play in 11 next season!


After 25 years Totti will not be an AS Roma footballer. It will be different for us. No doubts about that. I don’t know if this will represent a shock for our supporters. Totti will provide his contribution to this club in a different way. The binomial Totti-AS Roma will continue. Now we have an important match to catch the second place. All our energies must be focused on this. If everything will go as planned we will celebrate Totti. Then we will think about the next season.”

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