Can Di Francesco be the right pick for Roma?

Probably he is not the first choice for many of us. He doesn’t have a name that triggers the fans’ dreams. However, he recently demonstrated his qualities at Sassuolo.

Di Francesco is an Italian coach who developed his career step by step. He has a propositional attitude transferred on the field with an offensive 4-3-3. He is a son of Zeman, the Bohemian coach who made his offensive scheme extreme. Although some compare Esuebio Di Francesco’s style to that of the former AS Roma Bohemian coach, he is different. He is a self-made trainer able to change strategies on the basis of the game’s development.

Di Francesco could be the next AS Roma coach. There are no doubts about that. Rumors and his recent interviews convinced those well-informed that Eusebio has already agreed to join the Giallorossi. Monchi should have decided to go for him, even if there are doubts about his ability to manage a group made of great personalities and eccentric characters.

Can Di Francesco be the right pick for Roma?

The easiest answer to this question should be, Yes. If we start from the concept that anyone needs a chance to prove his qualities, Di Francesco deserves a big team. Thinking about the past, the celebrated Antonio Conte was coaching Cesena in Serie B and then Atalanta before he landed on the Juventus bench. Massimiliano Allegri was comfortably and wisely training Cagliari on the stunning island of Sardinia. Galliani and Berlusconi decided to give him a chance that the Tuscan coach promptly exploited. He joined AC Milan and won the title demonstrating a great adaptability to managing big players.

Although these are perfect examples to support the thesis that Di Francesco could become the next Conte or Allegri, we have to focus on another concept to understand the reasons why they performed that well. The answer lays on the support that Juventus’ and Milan’s managements provided to their coaches. Their strong attitude and strategies to not leave their coaches alone fighting against the pressures and tensions of the environment were key to let them work well and reach forecasted objectives. In the past one-and-half year, Luciano Spalletti was sucked into the Roman vortex, a sick environment made of divergences and turmoil among the press and media. The Tuscan coach, exhausted, threw the sponge on the ring and lifted the white flag. Over this period, his face has changed, transformed by the stress that affected even the strong man that he used to be.

Having highlighted what the actual Roman environment is, once more the main question to ask ourselves is…Can Di Francesco be the right pick for Roma?

There are three main reasons why I do NOT believe he is the right guy for the Giallorossi:

  1. He has too many connections with the Roman environment. Having played for several years in Rome, he knows some of the players, managers, and journalists too well. This is not going to be beneficial in the long term. AS Roma needs an outlier. Someone able to not compromise with anyone who revolves around the Roma world;
  2. His personality doesn’t seem to be strong enough to properly react to the pressures that he will have to face. Roma can make you a King or a slave. It’s a matter of results. One day you can be sanctified and the week after crucified. I’m not sure Di Francesco is ready for this fluctuant market.

AS Roma needs to collect trophies. This is the moment to harvest. Fans are not willing to wait anymore. It looks like that on the gate of Trigoria there’s a “YOU WIN OR YOU’RE OUT” sign. I’m not sure Di Francesco is ready for such a big commitment especially after that the team collected many records in the 2016-17 season but unfortunately without reaching the glory. The next step is to win.

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