FIGC celebrates 119 years, Tavecchio “proud of our history”

“The birthday of the Italian football federation is a feast for all the fans. A great passion for football that feeds for 119 years the sense of responsibility of those who work within our movement, in particular at FIGC. Blue is the color that unites all of us. We must be proud of our history and work together to build an even better future.”

With these words, the president of the FIGC, Carlo Tavecchio, pays tribute to an important appointment.

FIGC celebrates 119 years

Today, the Italian football celebrates 119 years. On March 16th, 1898, in Turin, the Italian football federation was born and the constituent assembly chaired by Count D’Ovidio elected the engineer Mario Vicary as the first President. This was the act that marked the beginning of the Italian football, the first step to give an organizational structure to a sporting phenomenon born years earlier in England and subsequently landed in Italy.

Less than two months later, on May 8th, the first championship of the story played in a single day began and Genoa triumphed. Thanks to the federation, the impulse for the development of football was immediate. Several initiatives developed in various cities of Italy such as Genoa, Rome, Turin, Palermo, Milan, and Naples.

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