Can Walter Sabatini return at Roma? Perhaps Pallotta opened the doors of the club

Walter Sabatini
The Sporting director Walter Sabatini

Some loves do not end, they make immense rounds and then return. These are the words a famous song magically sang by the Italian author and Roma supporter Antonello Venditti. Although when he wrote that song the singer wasn’t thinking about Walter Sabatini, I believe it can represent the current state of things at Roma.

In a recent interview that James Pallotta released to SiriusXM FC, the Bostonian investor talked about his disappointment for the recent performances of the club, but at the same time he highlighted his strong focus on young talents which can represent added values for the first team as well:

“We got a number of players that are playing a lot of time because of injuries and also because last summer we didn’t make right choices on who to keep and who not to keep. I tend to like our young players and we are going to change that policy. We had a lot of talented players but other teams are enjoying their benefits and that could break some of the players” said Mr. Pallotta.

A few hours after, probably when the AS Roma press and media office alerted him about the rumours that his words triggered in the capital of Italy, Pallotta decided to make a few concepts clear and he reviewed his position about the former AS Roma sporting director:

“I didn’t want to criticise Walter Sabatini, he did an incredible job in the last 4 years. He was working together with other people and we cannot blame a single person if mistakes were made. What we want to do is to provide us with a significant youth sector and the results are there to prove it. We have great young talents and we don’t like to let them go. It’s frustrating when we send a player on loan but he doesn’t play because when they play they make the difference.”

Can Walter Sabatini return at Roma?

If we add what we just analyzed and today’s news about Monchi my question assumes a relevant importance. According to, the actual Siviglia’s sporting director Monchi will leave his club when his contract will expire but rather than departing to Rome he would join Real Madrid. The president of the Blancos, Florentino Perez, believes that Monchi is the right person to further elevate the level of the players of Real Madrid. Moreover, they would already have a sort of agreement to work together in the next season.

In this case, Walter Sabatini, who has more than once revealed he misses AS Roma and the world of football, could return to Trigoria. The discrepancies with James Pallotta could be overcome, especially if the Bostonian investor deeply believe that young and talented players are the target for a solid financial future of the club. Sabatini is a master in discovering rising stars and love can mend all wounds.

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