The European Super League is the solution to economic disparity. Gasperini winked to a historical change.

Soccer: Serie A; AS Roma (by
Soccer: Serie A; AS Roma (by

Atalanta’s coach Gianpiero Gasperini believes that the European Super League is the only solution to diminish the leap in quality of football.

Over the years many people involved in the world of football expressed their positive opinion about the European Super League. First of all, let me explain what we are talking about.

The European Super League is a competition that would include the best European clubs. Real Madrid’s president, Florentino Perez, is pushing for this solution as well even if this new format would reshape the competition of the main 5-big European leagues.

Gianpiero Gasperini recently joined the group of those who believe that the European Super League could bring benefits to the football of the “Old Continent”. The current Italian Serie A doesn’t seem to be a very interesting league anymore. The last three clubs in the standings practically are already relegated to the Serie B due to their poor rosters and performances demonstrated since the beginning of the season.

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In a recent interview, Atalanta’s coach Giampiero Gasperini expressed his point of view about the Serie A:

“I firmly believe that the European Super League is the only solution. A league among the best European clubs would diminish the incredible economic disparity that we are experiencing nowadays. The other clubs should instead play in the national leagues.

Let’s think about the actual situation. Inter and Juventus purchased our best players lowering the quality of my team. This factor affects competition”.

The European Super League seems to be the right project to be pursued to increase the quality of football. I firmly believe that only the Premier League is still a very interesting championship due to the many wealthy investors that injected serious capital in the British clubs. Chelsea, the two teams of Manchester, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Tottenham are super-powers able to compete among them. The situation is drastically different in Spain, Germany, France, and Italy.

In the last century, the “war” among Real Madrid and Barcelona is the only point of interest of the Spanish Liga. Recently Atletico Madrid competed against those two economic giants but it’s not enough to spread interest between the football lovers.

In Germany there is only one team. Bayern Munich is an unstoppable giant that collects trophies and records every season. Borussia Dortmund tried to follow the footsteps of the Bavarian club but the economic turnout of Ancelotti’s team is too high to be attackable.

Since the arrival of the Sheiks in Paris, the League 1, that was already not a very interesting championship, lost even more appeal. There is not competition among PSG and the other clubs. The leap in quality is too high and this trend will go ahead over the years unless some other rich investor will put an economic effort in a different club.

The situation in Italy is very clear. Juventus is the absolute giant of the Bel Paese. The Black-and-White of Turin is the only big club who owns a stadium in Italy and collects huge revenue from it. In this moment Allegri’s team seems to be unstoppable even if Roma, Napoli, Inter, and AC Milan are trying to do their best to contrast the bianconeri. The biggest problem is the poor condition of the other clubs in Italy. It’s February but the Italian Serie A already knows the name of the clubs that will be relegated to the Serie B.

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