Spalletti’s honesty: “We didn’t perform well but we deserved to win”

Luciano Spalletti - AS Roma's coach
Luciano Spalletti - AS Roma's coach

Roma defeats Cagliari in the Serie A home clash. Spalletti’s guys keep following Juventus that is now only one point ahead.

Luciano Spalletti enjoys the victory of his team. Cagliari played a very tactical match harnessing the game of the giallorossi. Rastelli’s crew seemed to be very reactive and ready to press the opponents on every side of the pitch and Roma suffered from this unexpected offensive propulsion. Although Cagliari never shot on target during the 90+ minutes, especially in the first-half Spalletti’s guys weren’t able to develop a smooth offensive strategy and for that reason, the match got stuck.

In the post-match interview released on the official channel of the giallorossi (Roma TV) Luciano Spalletti honestly admitted that his team didn’t perform as well as expected:

We did not play a great game. In other matches, we have been more qualitative. In the first-half, we were long and wide. In the second 45 minutes, we did very well. We looked like a balanced group who played as a strong team against a good side. In the second half, we found the numerical superiority on the midfield line and the whole group played an excellent match. If Emerson and Peres are free from the defensive phase they are two important players. They have to demonstrate quality and dedication. I have to say that Peres did not play a good match especially because he missed that goal, he should have thrown that ball into the net”. 

“The team is winning matches. There’s the need for mental awareness as they have so far and I want to congratulate my guys. They are seriously competing.

Our three center backs are very strong. In the first-half, we should have managed the ball better, we have to remain with the lines very tight. Federico Fazio is a great player. Everyone knows what kind of footballer he is. He could even play as a playmaker because he is able to manage the ball and set the pace of the game. On the defense line, he takes the responsibility for what he does. I cannot ask him anything more”.


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