Serie A’s fighting against relegation disappeared. It’s a disaster!

Serie A is questioning itself if a change is needed to boost the interest of the Italian soccer league.

IL FATTO QUOTIDIANO (R. BECCANTINI) – A the Top of the standings there is still life while behind not anymore. It was called “fighting against relegation“. It disappeared. We are only at the 21st game of the season. Only the last three clubs of the standings are relegated to Serie B, no doubts about that, so Crotone and Palermo 10 points, Pescara 9…it’s a disaster. Empoli that so far collected 21 points has already a gap of 11 points with the teams at the bottom of the ranking.

20 teams are too much for the Italian Serie A. This format is a threat to the quality of this league. Good for the Germans that were able to cut a couple of teams improving the quality of their show. Then they became world champions as well. Carlo Tavecchio was ready to implement the same cut that the Germans did, however, the Italian league’s federations and the unions unarmed him.

At this stage, the lame Italian Serie A is in the hands of the bookmakers. Between the race for the title, the Champions League, and the Europa League there are only 8 teams still competing, perhaps 9 if Torino wakes-up. Also, Pescara is the only club who never won on the pitch this seas on. When we were the kings of this sport in the 80s and 90s the Serie A was made of 16 – 18 teams. An ode to the game, a gallery of stars.

Serie A needs a cut because with 20 teams it is not competitive. The FIGC had promised to change this format and to return to 18 teams, however, now it pulls back.

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