Roma’s CEO attacks the Chinese investments

Gandini Roma CEO
Gandini Roma CEO

Roma’s CEO Umberto Gandini recently stated that the Chinese investments in football are a danger for the future of this sport.

The Italian sports channel Sky recently interviewed Roma’s CEO Umberto Gandini asking him about the restart of the Italian Serie A and the objectives of the giallorossi. Although the new Roma manager is seriously focused on improving the potential of his new club he also released fiery words about the “bully” investments that Chinese clubs are making:

“They are doping football by creating unexpected possibilities to monetize for the clubs. These clubs are selling them assets that they thought could not market up to these levels. This is an artificial market. Some of the players that were pursued last year completely disappeared from the world scene. It is a shame that we do not know anything anymore about players like Jackson Martinez. I would not be surprised to see those players return with unmanageable salaries for European football. Their salaries will be paid by the Chinese teams because these players will not find that space that had been promised”.  

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