Raggi (Mayor of Rome): “Yes to the Roma stadium if it respects the city plan”

Roma Stadium Business Park (photo: Stadio della Roma)
Roma Stadium Business Park (photo: Stadio della Roma)

Virginia Raggi’s recent statements about Stadio della Roma seemed to be an unexpected low blow to the AS Roma management ambitions.

Month after month, the situation of the Stadio della Roma seems to be more and more mysterious. One step forward and one backward, this is what’s happening in the capital of Italy.  As reported by the Italian major sports newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport,  in a recent interview Virginia Raggi – the mayor of Rome – stated: “I am positive about the stadium if it respects the regulations of the city plan“. Reportedly,  after Raggi’s statement the Roma management, alarmed about her words, called the Municipality of Rome to understand something more about Raggi’s point of view. The answer provided by the Italian institution was that “very soon” the assessors involved in the evaluation of the Stadio della Roma project will analyze how to reduce the size of the stadium and the surrounding facilities by 20%. The idea would be to cut off the Porto Fluviale to redirect more investments on the strengthening of the Roma-Lido railway line.  

The main issue is to understand “when” the Municipality of Rome will analyze the Stadio della Roma project. Time flies and it also seems to be over. According to governor Zingarettithere’s no more time to talk. In this moment we need to act“. In fact, the necessary documents that Regione Lazio requested to the Municipality of Rome must be released within a couple of weeks. The next assembly to evaluate the Stadio della Roma project is scheduled on January 31st, 2016.


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