Dzeko hit by Roma fans criticisms. There’s a lot of pressure here!

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Edin Dzeko’s experience has revealed that there is more pressure at Roma and from supporters in the Italian Serie A than in the Premier League.

Even if the Bosnian star has thrown into the net 14 goals in the 19 appearances in Italian  Serie A this season, he is still suffering from the AS Roma fans criticisms over his performance. In a recent interview released to the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero, Edin Dzeko stated that there is more pressure in Italy than in England but also that he was aware of this because people of the Bel Paese (the beautiful country – referred to Italy) are as fiery as those in Bosnia:

“I can understand that if you do not play well the supporters can criticise you and I also know that criticism or disappointments are part of the game but the reality is that here in Rome fans are similar to those in Bosnia, they insult you. However, I accept it because I am used to it. It looks like that they are waiting for the right opportunity to hit you, as soon as you miss a goal they restart complaining”.

Source: Squawka

Dzeko expressed his point of view about living in Rome and his feelings of being an AS Roma player:

“Rome is a wonderful city, even if it’s clear that it is a city in distress, in crisis. They need to invest in the streets, they cannot abandon them. It’s a problem when you drive your car as well, the streets are like those of Sarajevo after the bombing.

It’s not easy to go out in Rome. When I  go downtown I’m always well covered to not be recognizable. I use my hat and glasses.

I remember when I came to Rome in the days when I was playing in Manchester. Today this is not possible anymore.

I still remember my first goal against Juventus, it was unforgettable. It is always important to start with the right foot when you join a new team. I live for goals. Goals are my life, I hope to score much more and to raise the level of my performance”.

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