Clément Grenier: A number 10 that can be a No. 7 as well

Clément Grenier
Clément Grenier - AS Roma

Refined, elegant and delicate. These three words are enough to define Clément Grenier, the French player recently purchased by Roma.

IL POSTICIPO (MARCO PICCARI): A technically gifted guy but fragile as crystal with muscle and groin problems that in the last two years have stopped his formidable talent.

Grenier: a few opportunities to demonstrate his value

Putting aside this drawback and wishing the guy to find the necessary continuity and trust, I would like to dwell on the technical and tactical aspects that I have observed when I was commenting a few matches of the talented Grenier. In this championship, I haven’t had many possibilities to do so due to  Bruno Genesio’s choices, Lyon’s coach, that in his 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 has always preferred to start Tolisso, Cornet, and Ferri. Even Grenier’s dull performances are a consequence of his relegation to the bench. Last season was not exciting for him, 18 appearances in Ligue 1 but only 10 as a starter. A very poor performance for the midfielder. I recall some performances in which Grenier has exhibited a good technique. On January 9th, 2016 against Troyes, on the day of the presentation of the Parc OL (the formidable stadium of Lyon), the winger with the number 7 jersey impressed his mark on the game. In Genesio’s 4-3-3 he began the game on the left side and thanks to his technique he often skipped his direct opponent creating the numerical superiority. During that match he often played on the attacking third to find the right idea to serve his teammates with surgical vertical assists. On that occasion, Lacazzette exploited one of his assists. Thanks to Grenier’s great pass, Lyon’s striker scored a goal. A very elegant touch and a pass made with the perfect timing opened the way of the goal to the striker.

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Grenier: technical skills

Technique and vision are the foundations of Clément Grenier’s features that also allow him to move easily on the lane without ever losing sight of his teammates. He is not a crazy dribbler in love with the ball but a game creator ready to serve his teammates. That evening when I was commenting on Lyon’s match, Ferri scored a goal (a wonder-goal) thanks to Grenier’s delicate touch. Not a bad performance that of Grenier when I saw him playing on a standard midfield line made of three players. In that occasion, he showed off his brilliant vision but he demonstrated a weak interdiction phase. In short, he is not a lion on the midfield, someone else must recover the ball. A player number 10 that can be a No. 7 as well thanks to his elegance in petting the ball and his technique.

Madame et Monsieur Clément Grenier est formidable.

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