Passion has no boundaries. The Roma Club New York’s joy for Roma’s victory!

Roma Club New York
Roma Club New York

The Derby della Capitale is over! Roma centered a pivotal win defeating Lazio 0-2 in a fiery away-match. The Roma Club New York imaginary joined the supporters at the Olimpico stadium giving life to a compelling party.

In a well known location situated 6,500 Km far away from the eternal city there is a large community of passionate Roma supporters that, on a weekly basis, express their passion for the giallorossi in a very remarkable way. First of all I am going to reveal that location, also because it is not secret at all but probably the most important city in the world, the city where everything can happen and lights make you feel like a star, I am talking about New York.

In this important occasion, the Roma Club New York decided to return to their historical venue, the famous Bar Basso, in which many times passionate groups of tourists merged with the residents of the big apple to support Roma in its countless battles. Today was a special day, because the clash against the “enemies” Lazio was expected with interest due to the good performances of both teams. Even if in the last few years Roma dominated the scene, the derby between the giallorossi and Lazio is always indecipherable and sometimes its development can be unexpected. Almost 100 passionate Roma fans decided to join the club to create that imaginary propulsive force able to push Spalletti’s guys to the victory. Mission completed! The tension recorded at the beginning of the match and during the first-half break promptly dissolved when the teams returned to the pitch. In the second 45 minutes Roma wisely managed the game and the supporters of the club where very confident in an imminent positive outcome. When the rocky Strootman decided to tear the leg of the poor Wallace and gently lob the ball into the net the Roma Club New York exploded with joy. The irrepressible passion has no boundaries. I am a dreamer and I like to think that the euphoric roar triggered in New York when Roma got the lead has been heard also at the Olimpico stadium of Rome. Hugs, kisses, and choirs let the party start. Those present at the Bar Basso lived a special day. The incredible wonder of the city was a just corollary which amplified the happiness for the victory and the beauty of being Romanistas abroad.

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The Roma Club New York is definitely one of the most important Roma Clubs in the world. The Manhattan based group is made of passionate guys who live their passion for Roma like if they were still within their native walls. It is not easy to remain deeply attached to a team from far away. It is especially difficult when living in a chaotic city in which the main purpose of most of the inhabitants is to become wealthy and in order to do so they have to work crazy hours. The passion for Roma goes beyond the fatigue of busy days of work after which these guys also find the strength to travel several hours to enjoy the game with friends. Their passion today was repaid by an indescribable joy. Roma defeated Lazio keeping alive the dream to win the first Serie A title under the American management.

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