Stadio della Roma will make Rome richer than ever 

Roma Stadium stands (Photo: Stadio della Roma)
Roma Stadium stands (Photo: Stadio della Roma)

The social and economic impact of the Stadio della Roma has been unveiled. The numbers are simply shocking. Rome needs this huge injection of revenues.

Four years ago, the Stadio della Roma project began thanks to the extraordinary motivation and dedication of Roma president James Pallotta. The Bostonian investor and his collaborators had to face countless obstacles. It’s well-known that the Italian bureaucracy reserves hard times for those willing to make a difference in the community rather than being stuck in a stagnant boredom.

Today, another important step toward the construction of the new Roma stadium was completed. The Faculty of Economics at Rome’s Sapienza University together with Roma management, demonstrated the positive economic impact that Tor di Valle project will have from the moment of its creation. For many years we listened to extravagant opinions of alleged experts and politicians that were poorly and suspiciously judging Pallotta’s monster-facility. However, now we have relevant data to analyze. When numbers are released there is no possibility to lie anymore. The only thing to do in this case is to stay in silence, read, admire, and dream that the Stadio della Roma could soon become reality.

Roma Stadium Business Park
Roma Stadium Business Park (Photo: Stadio della Roma)

According to the study, the privately financed €1.6 billion investment will generate a significant increase in the (GDP) of Rome up to the unimaginable amount of €18.5 bln by 2026. When the facility will be completed around 20,000 people will be employed to operate in the stadium and in the business park. Sapienza University’s Dean of Economics Giuseppe Ciccarone further analyzed this project stating that it represents a rebirth for Rome and the suburban areas. According to Ciccarone the economic benefits for the eternal city are unbelievable because the whole complex can generate revenues two-and-a-half times higher that those generated by Expo 2015 in Milan, and one-and-half times more than the Jubilee of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis.

Roma Stadium Green Park
Roma Stadium Green Park (Photo: Stadio della Roma)

With Rome’s unemployment that will decrease approximately by one percent and €142 million a year in additional tax revenues for the city to reinvest in other areas of need, Pallotta, right at the end of the Jubilee, should be sanctified rather than questioned about the purity and honesty of his masterpiece.

Stadio della Roma will make Rome richer than ever.

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