A humble and talented Atalanta teaches Roma the harmonious art of football

Atalanta - Roma 2-1 Serie A 2016/17
Atalanta - Roma 2-1 Serie A 2016/17

At the stadio Atleti Azzurri of Bergamo Atalanta crashed Roma thanks to a harmonious and vigorous match. Gasperini defeated Spalletti from a tactical point of view.

As always when Roma loses a match the day after is similar to the exciting movie called “Independence day”. The cover image of that film pictured an alien spaceship over the earth; the invaders were ready to attack the world with unprecedented force.

According to today’s Italian newspapers, Roma’s defeat should be compared to a natural disaster or as well as an invasion of extraterrestrial entities. A point of no-return that is typical of the moody supporters and journalists of the eternal city. Yes, I am exaggerating but just to show everyone that what happens in Rome is not tolerable anymore. It represents the weakness of a city that on one side is deeply frustrated by the inability to win and on the other it’s easily driven from external forces.

Yesterday’s match against Atalanta should be evaluated simply with honesty, without looking for malicious back-stories and, moreover, without the need of blaming someone. Even if there is a saying stating that “someone must be blamed”, in this case there’s nothing else to do but congratulate Gasperini’s guys for the marvelous interpretation of the game. The black-and-blue of Bergamo deserved to win and the giallorossi can only bring back to Rome the pieces of a team with mental breakdowns and not enough competitive nastiness. The performance of two talented midfielders that sooner or later will be signed by top clubs were remarkable, I am talking about the Ivorian Kessie and the Italian Gagliardini. Both of them were simply amazing in pushing their team ahead even in the difficult moments of the game. Class, freshness, endurance, and technique were the skills that these two tenacious players showed off to outclass the weary and static Roma midfield.

A special mention also goes to Giampiero Gasperini, a coach that has changed the game with a couple of tactical moves. Putting D’Alessandro in and moving Kessie on the right side of the pitch the Italian coach declared checkmate to the confused Luciano Spalletti. Kessie showed off, once more, Bruno Peres defensive gaps while D’Alessandro was as effective as a knife is through butter on the opposite side.

Yesterday, Atalanta taught Roma the harmonious art of football. The giallorossi seemed to be unable to react to the fury and the quality of the young and talented black-and-blue squad. We cannot always believe that Roma must win every match because of the name that it brings around the world. It would be wiser to acknowledge that the opposite side was superior in the 90 minutes and they deserved to collect the three points. There’s no need for the newspapers to write articles about Nainggolan’s disappointment after his substitution. There’s no need to highlight that Spalletti on Thursday conceded a free day to the squad in order to feed the drone of contempt and disappointment for everything that revolves around the Roma world.

Football is a passion but it’s just football and it cannot be perceived as the only thing we have in this world. We have to outsmart the external forces that want to drive us crazy managing our minds and simply enjoy the beauty to be supporters of the best and most important team of the capital of Italy.

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