United for the Italian earthquake victims 

Soccer has the power to unite people. When the passion for this sport is also exploited for just causes magic happens.

United for the Italian earthquake victims event was marvelously organized to give a little support to those who were affected by that natural disaster.

Last Friday 30th of September, once more, New York became the spot of an amazing event that must be mentioned for its purity and kindness. I am talking about the United for the Italian earthquake victims, an event organized to recall the recent victims of the terrible natural disasters that a month ago hit the Bel Paese.

In the picturesque “Legends”, a must for the passionate soccer fans that are residents or turists in the big apple, Luca Martano and a few other managers of the Roma Club New York aggregated the supporters of other Italian official clubs to create a successful charitable event. I was there and I can definitely say that the atmosphere was exciting and those who participated really engaging. A few beers, good food, and a sincere chat between people that share the same passion for soccer, without rivalry and resentment that sometimes affects those who populate the stadiums in Italy. New York was the theater of an amazing show thought with the heart and realized to engage people and remember those affected by the earthquake in Italy.

The money collected will be redirected to the “Italian Red Cross” to support them in their daily effort to relieve those in the critical area of Amatrice and in the other affected towns of Italy.

A special thanks goes to those who were there lifting their colors and sharing the same respect for their compatriots:

  1. The Roma club NY;
  2. Juventus club NY;
  3. Napoli club NY;
  4. Milan club NY;
  5. Bologna club NY;
  6. Sampdoria club NY.

The concrete jungle where dreams are made of has been the location of another masterpiece of kindness!

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