The saga of the Roma stadium goes on

Roma stadium - Photo: Stadio della Roma
Roma stadium - Photo: Stadio della Roma

The Roma stadium is still a top priority for the municipality of Rome but the project must be resized.

What a funny saga that of the Roma stadium. Yes, I’m sarcastic! Even because when the Italian bureaucracy put its tentacles on something it is really difficult to survive. This is what’s happening to Pallotta and his group of investors. The Bostonian investor proposed to the municipality of Rome a detailed master plan to realize the new Roma stadium but two years after the initial presentation we are still here waiting for a decision about the feasibility of the project. Oh my God! Italy seems not to be able to learn from its mistakes. Rather than be thankful that a foreign investor is willing to reshape a city in huge economic trouble the Italian institutions are scared about possible speculations. I was wondering who created that huge financial mismanagement in Rome, foreigners investors or Italian politicians? I leave to you the answer.

According to today’s news the Roma stadium project must be resized because as the vice mayor of Rome stated in an interview released at Radio Radio there are critical issues that must be faced:

“By Saturday we are going to send a detailed document to the proponents of the project with our decisions about the various infrastructures that should be built. We believe that the “Metro B” cannot be prolonged, it is not feasible. However, we are positive in finding appropriate solutions to go ahead with the project.”

Oh boy! Here we are, once again, reporting news about the susceptibility of the Italian institutions. Everyone believes that Pallotta is a fierce investor that wants to speculate on the ruins of the eternal city but the story is simply different. The former mayor of Rome, Marino, is the one who requested Pallotta to build new bridges, highways, parks, and railways. You want me to rebuild a city so you give me back something else (towers for business purposes.) The actual mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, and her collaborators are probably not against the Roma stadium but skeptics about the towers. The project should be resized and according to recent rumors only one tower should be built. This news will probably make Pallotta happier. The investor is going to spend around $700M less than forecasted and the whole project will be completed earlier.

When Italy will understand that Pallotta is an investor and not a benefactor working for a non-for-profit organization so the Romans citizen could enjoy a new modern complex that would give them thousands of new job opportunities.

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