Roma: the double role of the two playmakers

Roma’s pivotal away win against Napoli triggered considerations about the double role of the two playmakers. Spalletti had a great idea to put in practice again.

The story between Luciano Spalletti and Roma seems to be rich of recurrences, great ideas, and astral convergences. Many years ago, when the Tuscan coach was wisely leading the giallorossi, a multiple injury of his forwarders obliged Spalletti to play a match without a proper striker. That day Roma performed a great match opening the era of the “falso-nueve“, a picturesque way to say “fake-striker.”

The player that mostly benefited from this radical change of tactical scheme certainly was Roma’s legend Francesco Totti. Thanks to his immense class and technique, the captain amazed the crowds, scoring repeatedly. Playing as a “falso-nueve” Totti was able to perfectly interprets a double role, sometimes as a assists man and sometimes as a lethal striker. Roma, as a team, was able to play in a terrific way, allegedly providing the best soccer in Italy for at least 5 years.

The match against Napoli could have been the turning point of a new innovation that could be absolutely beneficial for Roma. Spalletti’s new invention is not the two playmakers in front of the defense line, something that we have already seen in the past, but the double role that De Rossi and Paredes were asking to interpret. Roma played a great match at the San Paolo stadium because Sarri’s guys were not able to stop the two playmakers without leaving the sides uncontrolled. De Rossi and Paredes were able to create a perfect shield to cover Roma’s defense line as well as to set the pace of the game thanks to their immense quality. Every time that Sarri forced his wingers to disturb Roma’s midfielders, trying to limit their creativity, Napoli suffered Florenzi’s endurance and ability to push forward and give support to the offensive line.

The two playmakers playing in a double role is a great invention that allows the giallorossi to have more alternatives to develop its game. Spalletti was forced, once again, to play Paredes due to Strootman’s injury but he may have found another revolutionary way to play.

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