I believe Leandro Paredes could be Roma’s hidden gem

Paredes Roma

He comes from Argentina, the homeland of many great players as well as the country where many Italians moved during the emigration in 1950. Argentina and Italy shared moments of sadness, happiness and hope. A tight connection between two countries that are very similar to each other. But soccer is different, it turns the situations the other way around. This is the reason why many Argentine players move to Italy in search of glory, a better future, profits and they feel pretty comfortable in doing this because they feel to be at home.

Leandro Paredes’ story seems to retrace and invigorate the previous mentioned connections. Walter Sabatini deeply believed in the quality of this midfielder and in July 2014 flew to Argentina to convince Boca Junior to accept Roma’s bid. Deal done…and today’s story could remark the arrival of a potential great midfielder for the giallorossi.

Last season Leandro Paredes went to play for Empoli in order to hone his skills and practice in a difficult championship as the Serie A is. Mission completed. Roma obtained what they were looking for. Paredes’ loan with Empoli calcio is over and the Argentine joined Spalletti’s crew in Pinzolo. The player benefited from the past season at Empoli and the Tuscan team transformed Paredes in a good playmaker.

However, now the young talent must demonstrate to be able to play for different objectives, for a team with more ambitions and in a city with a lot of pressure. Roma need a playmaker, Spalletti’s tactic needs a playmaker able to set the pace of the game and Leandro Paredes could be the right player in the right spot.

Leandro Paredes is a 22-year-old midfielder that last season played 33 matches, scored 2 goals and 1 assist. He impressed the experts for his ability to manage the ball and for his vision. Spalletti is currently evaluating his performances even if, according to what Roma’s mister said in the last press conference, the Argentine must speed up his game. At this stage it’s not sure that Paredes will continue his adventure with Roma but the player is giving his best to impress the Tuscan coach because he believes to be a suitable candidate to direct Roma’s orchestra.

I believe in his quality and I deeply hope that coach Spalletti will give him a chance. Roma’s supporters must do their part as well because a young player needs trust and unconditional love to perform well. I firmly believe that Leandro Paredes could be Roma’s hidden gem for the next season and for the years to come. Pizzarro left great memories in the eternal city and Paredes could follow the Chilean’s footsteps.

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