Ponce will be AS Roma’s next striker from January 2016

Ponce Ezequiel

AS Roma continues planning for the future. It’s scouts are constantly monitoring the market and a few months ago the giallorossi pursued Ezequiel Ponce. This is AS Roma’s next striker from January 2016. 

One day Walter Sabatini received a call from one of his collaborators who mentioned Ezequiel Ponce as the next Argentinian’s crack. This expert also said:

“Walter, you have to see this young guy, he fights like a bull but he is also skilled, a quality player.”

AS Roma’s sporting director decided to check him out and completely fell in love with this talented striker.

I actually don’t know if my reconstruction of the story is a little too fanciful but I don’t think so. Walter Sabatini has a few collaborators in South America, people whom he trusts and respect. Surely one of his collaborators monitored the talented Newell’s Old Boys striker proposing him to the expert AS Roma sporting director.

On January 15, 2015 AS Roma pursued Ponce for €6M from Newell’s Old Boys but left the player in Argentina on loan. Ponce is still playing for the same club and he will land in Rome right at the beginning of 2016 to join Rudi Garcia’s group. Walter Sabatini deeply believes in the quality of El Tanque (the tank) and he wants him to join the giallorossi as soon as possible to refine his quality by training with Edin Dzeko and Francesco Totti. The issue is just one, Ponce is non-EU player and AS Roma has to free up a place to let his arrival in the eternal city. This is also the reason why Sabatini is looking forward to sell the Ivorian Doumbia, the Paraguayan Sanabria and possibly Gervinho as well.

Let’s check together Ezequiel Ponce’s skills.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that all the experts of football in Argentina firmly believe that Ponce is the new Carlitos Tevez. This comparison puts a lot of pressure on the talented Newell’s Old Boys striker although he seems to be really aware of his talent. He hasn’t scored a lot of goals so far but his way to play is simply engaging and attractive. Ponce never gives up, he is a bull on the field, he always fights to catch the ball and with his competitive nastiness he tries to overpower opponents…just like Tevez!

Check this out…

[sz-youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53j00BnWLP8″ width=”620″ height=”264″ /]

The Argentine is a very technical and dynamic player despite his physique is not that of a typical center forward. He also played on the side, as offensive winger, when the striker was a guy that we all know very well, David Trezeguet.

Ezequiel Ponce will join AS Roma soon and Sabatini believes that he will be able to conquer the AS Roma fans thanks to his quality and attitude.

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