AS Roma thanks AC Milan saying € 30 M yes for Romagnoli


The announced deal between AS Roma and AC Milan was unveiled today by the two parts. Romagnoli joins the rossoneri that will pay € 30M to the giallorossi. 

Walter Sabatini handled this deal like a puppeteer handles his puppet. The expert AS Roma sporting director is the real star of this transfer market window. After he successfully closed Dzeko’s deal for an extremely advantageous amount (€18M total) he decided to get rid of Bertolacci and Romagnoli redirecting them to AC Milan for a whopping €50M double deal.

I remember that until a few years ago Adriano Galliani was ruling the transfer market like a president legislates his nation but nowadays something has changed. AC Milan seems to be a branch of the giallorossi. Romagnoli and Bertolacci’s deals are there to support my thesis.

Let’s honestly check the actual situation…

Most of the people that are checking the transfer market moves daily were aware of the positive conclusion of Romagnoli‘s deal. The player was pushing to reach Sinisa Mihajlovic in Milan and when Adriano Galliani requested more info to AS Roma about the player Walter Sabatini  presumptuously shot a disproportionate amount:

“We want €30M! We are not going to accept 1 dime less!”

Probably this was Sabatini’s answer to Galliani’s phone call and the negotiation begun. While AC Milan was hoping to consistently decrease Romagnoli‘s price-tag AS Roma proved to be inflexible refusing many bids.

Sabatini Walter

Walter Sabatini was the puppeteer behind this deal and he played his game like if he was facing a beginner. The end of the story is that AC Milan is going to pay Romagnoli more than his actual value and AS Roma is definitely the triumphant part of this deal. Romagnoli represents a POSSIBLE great value for the future, he can POSSIBLY become a great defender, but ACTUALLY he is not worth €30M…and Sabatini knows it.

There are various schools of thought out there. Supporters stating that AC Milan pursued a great defender and others supporting AS Roma’s point of view. I believe that no one knows how Romagnoli could perform in the future. That’s the reason why I talk about the “present value” of the Italian defender and I reckon it to be overvalued!

There are many promising players who then become meteors suddenly disappearing from the scene because unable to handle pressures. What we know for sure is that when Romagnoli played with AS Roma he didn’t perform well at all. Probably the giallorossi were too big of a club for him.

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