AS Roma: No panic but stay alert

The first match of the season was not as successful as hoped and some supporters are already disappointed. AS Roma needs calm and positivity to succeed rather than panic. 

Hellas Verona – AS Roma was only the first official math of a very long season in which the giallorossi hope to be successful. It’s almost impossible to judge or forecast what is going to happen in the 2015-16 Serie A and I firmly believe that the AS Roma supporters must patiently waiting for the general growth of the team. It’s not easy, I know that. There is much frustration at seeing the team still in trouble especially after the shocking performances of Garcia’s team in the second part of the 2014-15 Serie A. We have to stay close to the team and think positive because there’s a lot of quality in this roster even if there are also a few weaknesses.

Let me tell you what I saw yesterday that left me a bit skeptical…

Trouble in creating opportunities

AS Roma is experiencing the same drama that affected Garcia’s team during the last 6 months of the past season. The ball movement is slow and the striker cannot receive playable assists to convert in goals. I believe that the giallorossi have a serious problem with Garcia’s 4-3-3 that, as I was saying when analyzing last season’s performances, seems to be very predictable and not effective. The 3 midfielder don’t have the necessary endurance to support the offensive and defensive phases and the team suffers. Nainggolan is the only warrior of the AS Roma midfield line while Pjanic is the thinking mind and the foot refined that should make a difference. Most of the time the Bosnian star is fatigued because he is not able to properly contrast the opponents being creative enough to counter-attack and proficiently serve delicious assists for the 3 strikers. A change of module seems to be necessary.

Fullbacks are necessary…now!

Hellas Verona’s goal is the natural consequence of AS Roma’s weakness on the two defensive sides of the field. Torosidis inability to cover his portion of the pitch was embarrassing. Jankovic was completely alone in the middle of the box because the experienced Greek defender did not understand that there was a man behind him, a horrible mistake for a fullback. On the other side I firmly believe that Florenzi will become a serious fullback in the future but nowadays I see his offensive propulsion to be so much better than his defensive skills. In the last few days of transfer market AS Roma needs to find two serious fullbacks otherwise that huge efforts made to strengthen the offensive line will disappear because of the inadequacy of the defensive line.

Rudi Garcia’s module

The AS Roma french coach knows that if the team doesn’t perform well and hopefully win this could be his last season in Rome. I reckon that Garcia is a good trainer but sometimes he is not able to learn from his past mistakes. As I stated above, his module is an issue to solve soon. Most of the teams in the Serie A adopted ad-hoc countermeasures and the giallorossi are constantly struggling to find holes in the massive defensive mechanisms put in place from the opponents. A 4-2-3-1 could be the solution as well as a solid 4-4-1-1 that would give a lot more solidity to the AS Roma midfield line.

The whims of the players

Francesco Totti and Morgan De Sanctis peacefully accepted to sit on the bench for the entire match but Daniele De Rossi, who didn’t play a great match, expressed his disappointment after that Rudi Garcia replaced him with Seydou Keita. These are silly whims that must be avoided. I’m sick of these behaviors because, in the long run, they can affect the harmony of the entire roster. If De Rossi can do that also the other players will feel justified in acting in the same way. There’s the need of severe punishments to keep control of a group that has eccentric personality in it.


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