Roma ’s Curva Sud closed – Italian sports justice is embarrassing

The decision of the Italian sports justice to close Roma’s Curva Sud for one match highlights that there is a legislative problem within the Italian football.

In a normal and regulated country it is not unbelievable that a sector of the stadium is closed after having exposed really bad banners that can be configured as a heavy verbal insult against the mother of a deceased supporter. However, I believe that we have to stop thinking that Italy is a normal country especially when we talk about football.

The judge of the Italian sports justice, Mr. Tosel, is well known for his apparent adversity against Roma. In fact, historically the Giallorossi are the club that suffers the most fines and closure of stadium than any other clubs in Italy. Many of us remember very well that during the 2013-14 season Roma’s supporters were fiercely penalized due to their inadequate chants against the people from Naples. This sanction, that was never applied before, was called “territorial discrimination” and I’m happy to say that I thank Mr. Tosel because he thought me something new. However, the lawyer above mentioned never explained to the football fans on which basis a chant can be categorized as discriminatory or fair. This is a very weird situation because the rules and the law system in general should be very meticulous and understandable by the citizens but, especially the Roma supporters, are still trying to understand why that unbelievable sanction was carried out. This is one of the reasons why I previously stated that Italy cannot be considered a normal country properly regulated.

In many occasions Roma’s supporters were singing an alleged chant against Napoli’s fans that I have to say is not good at all but easily comparable to the chant that most of the supporters in Italy sing against the Romans: “Romano Bastardo” which stands for “Bastard Roman.

I’m pretty sure that Mr.Tosel and his collaborators that are weekly attending the various Serie A matches were aware of the “discriminatory chants against Roma’s fans” but curiously they didn’t take any action against the other supporters. I would say that in a democratic nation, as Italy is proud to say to be, this discrepancy in the evaluations is deeply upsetting. Mr. Tosel is a famous lawyer and I tend to believe that he should know what democracy means.

Let’s check the overall situation now. After the glorious match that Roma won against Napoli last week Mr. Tosel decided to close the Curva Sud because Roma’s supporters exposed really disappointing banners against Ciro Esposito’s mother. I actually believe that this sanction could be appropriate but only if it is applied every week and on every stadium against the supporters of every club (democracy is this!) The Italian sports justice, which seems to be run by an old bureaucratic system, perhaps has forgotten that we are in 2015 and nowadays technology is very developed and part of everyone’s life. The social networks can be dangerous means of information because, through platforms like Facebook or Twitter, sometimes people released untruthful news but sometimes someone is also able to refresh people’s minds by highlighting true facts that cannot be disputed. In fact, today the official Roma Radio Twitter account released an accurate collection of pictures of really disappointing banners of insults that other supporters in Italy exposed during various matches. Please check the Tweet below…


The first banner “Quando volo penso al Toro” that stands for “When I fly I think about the Torino football club” is a fierce verbal attack to Torino’s fans after that the airplane on which the granata were flying crashed and all the players died. I actually do not want to translate the other shocking banners that you can see above because I believe that these horrible expressions of ignorance must only be silenced and not highlighted as the media like to do. The main issue is that Mr. Tosel and his group of loyal collaborators considered that the content of those banners was not to be punished with the closure of the stadium or at least with the sector where those banners were exposed. If 1+1 is equal to 2 on the basis of the famous way to say that “math is not debatable”, I would say that the Italian sports justice believes that the recent banner exposed by the AS Roma supporters is definitely more insulting that the one against Torino’s fans or against Gianluca Pessotto (you might know something about his sad story!) Please Italian justice, give Roma a break! At this stage I want to ask you guys something…Is the horrible behavior of some football fans comparable to that of this undemocratic system of justice? Comments would be appreciated!  

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