The weird story about Destro and AC Milan’s usual trick…

Just a few months ago Mattia Destro passed from Roma to AC Milan but the Rossoneri are strategically thinking to resend him back to Rome. Do they really want Destro or they are trying their usual trick?

Mattia Destro’s future is more intricate that what you think guys. The former AS Roma striker didn’t find enough space with Rudi Garcia at Roma and after a long time he decided to accept AC Milan’s offer. Last January Destro moved to Milan on loan for 6 months with the Rossoneri who got a clause to redeem the young striker by paying 16 million euro to the Giallorossi. However, recent rumors coming from the north of Italy are stating that Adriano Galliani, Milan Sporting Director and General Manager, seems to not be happy with Destro’s performances and therefore not willing to redeem the player anymore. Since January Destro played a bunch of games and he actually scored only 2 goals. The striker from Ascoli Piceno is experiencing the same problems that were affecting him at Roma. Filippo Inzaghi, Milan coach, is not letting him play on a regular basis and Mattia Destro suffers for this situation.

Even if Inzaghi’s future at Milan seems to be really uncertain I firmly believe that Galliani is strategically acting in order to “steel” the player from the giallorossi by paying a lower amount and not the fixed clause. I call this action the “AC Milan’s usual trick” that Adriano Galliani is constantly exploiting every transfer market session. Let me explain better what I mean…

It has already been a few years that Milan as a club is in trouble because its historical owner Silvio Berlusconi is not willing to spend enough money to strengthen the club anymore. In the last 4-5 transfer market sessions Milan demonstrated to be always ready to pursue only free-agent players or those that are struggling in their team and want to change jersey. Most of you will definitely remember when Galliani secretly contacted Mexes in order to convince him to join Milan refusing Roma’s contract renewal. In the same period Milan approached Montolivo (former Fiorentina captain) and by rising his salary Galliani convinced the midfielder to accept the rossoneri. This is definitely a strategic approach that Milan is implementing every year to cope with Berlusconi’s imposed economic restrictions. Fiorentina’s management was very upset after that Montolivo decided to not renew his contract with the Viola and Della Valle, Fiorentina’s owner, has labeled as “an incredible misconduct” Milan’s way to trade the players. For this reason two years ago, when Galliani approached Adem Ljajic to “steal” the Serbian star again, Della Valle decided to accept Roma’s economic offer (around 10 million euro) rather than suffer another raid by the rossoneri. Della Valle’s deal with Roma was clearly a way to not let Milan exploit the unfortunate exit-clause that the players and their agent exploit to gain more.

In light of that said above I would say that Galliani’s strategy is still contemporary. In January Milan convinced Destro to join the rossoneri promising to Roma and to the player that in June Milan would have honored the redemption clause. However, Galliani is simply looking forward to lower the price-tag of the Italian striker. The strategy can be easily explain in four steps:

  1. Milan approach the disappointed player convincing him to join the club;
  2. Almost at the end of the season the rossoneri express their doubts about a potential redemption of the player;
  3. During the subsequent transfer market session they try to find a better alternative (usually another free-agent player);
  4. If Milan doesn’t find a better player it re-contacts the other club in order to re-talk about the redemption clause and to lower it as much as possible.

Dear Galliani, your trick is very old and most of the time it is still working just because the players and their agents are willing to clash against their club. Hopefully, one day UEFA will find a way to stop this clear transfer market misconduct. Hopefully Sabatini, AS Roma’s Sporting Director, will not allow Milan to apply its strategy again against Roma. Mattia Destro could be really useful for the giallorossi. Even if Rudi Garcia will not be willing to let him return to Roma this player can be traded to a different team.

For many years Milan was acting like a shark in the transfer market ocean…so please Walter Sabatini, let them try to be the prey for a while…they deserve it!

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