The most unsettling thing is Garcia!

Chievo Verona-Roma ends 0-0. Rudi Garcia seems to be in complete confusion. The team is predictable and not able to create any danger to the gialloblu.

The Titanic is sinking and the orchestra is not playing anymore! With this sentence I could end my article and my post-match analysis of the horrendous match that Roma have played against Chievo Verona. However, I have to say that there is positive news in this “dramatic” performance that the giallorossi proposed to their supporters. Finally Garcia admitted that the team is unrecognizable. Right at the end of the match the French coach stated:

“There are worrying victories and positive defeats. Today’s draw is unsettling!”

I’m sorry Mr. Garcia…at this stage the most unsettling thing is you and your way to coach!

The last positive match that Roma have played was the one against Manchester City in Champions League. After the shocking deserved result against Bayern Munich the giallorossi have completely lost their confidence. They cannot find a way to restart playing in a proper and efficient way and most of the opponent teams have found the right counter measures to put Roma in trouble. However, when the players are in trouble there must be a guide and / or a mentor able to drive the ship out of the storm. This guide should be Rudi Garcia but he seems to be incapable of finding the right coordinates to reach the port.

In a previous article I was already mentioning my disappointment for Garcia’s actual way to coach. Today I want to in-depth analyze Garcia’s inability to propose a different module that I believe to be the only way to put this team on the right path.

As we can see from the graph Roma’s offensive line is inexistent.

Chievo-Roma offensive heat mapChievo Verona‘s Maran (left side of the graph) was starting with two forwarders, Pellissier and Paloschi. Roma‘s Rudi Garcia (right side of the graph), instead, decided to put on the field Totti, Gervinho and Iturbe. Thanks to the heat map provided by we can definitely see that Chievo Verona, although they never shot toward De Sanctis, have more presence in the box than Roma, even if the giallorossi were playing with three forwarders. The blue clouds within Roma’s penalty area are definitely more marked than those in Chievo. This happened because even if Roma played with a greater number of offensive players the team doesn’t have a central striker able to keep the opponent central defenders busy. Francesco Totti constantly moves back towards the midfield line to find playable balls but in this way the team is not able to find a target ahead anymore. For the same reasons just explained I believe that the wingers, Gervinho and Iturbe, can never find a “buoy” ready to return them the ball on the run.

In light of that said above I firmly believe that Rudi Garcia is not able to change module and this is his biggest problem. The actual 4-3-3 is not sustainable anymore because Roma’s way to propose football on the playing field is predictable and not efficient anymore. Since that damn night of Champions League Roma’s opponents understood the way to defend against the giallorossi. By keeping the midfield and defensive lines very tight Roma’s opponents are able to better cover the different zones of the field. Due to this new approach that Roma’s opponents are implementing the giallorossi should have a strong striker within the box, someone able to attract the ball and serve delicious assists to the wingers or to the upcoming midfielders. I would say that a player like Juventus’ Llorente would be perfect right now.

This is my point of view and I would like to know if you guys agree with me.

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