Stadio della Roma Delayed Again!

By Giovanni Senes

Opening day is still far away. Around Christmas time, the proposed stadium (and let’s face it…entertainment) complex was perceived by many as in line with the public interest. Since then, however, everything seems to have stopped.

The latest development in the case of the Stadio Della Roma at Tor di Valle came after Roma-Juventus where James Pallotta, President of A.S. Roma, was queried on the matter, “slight delays due to the bureaucratic proceadures that surround the Region and Comune.” He is referring to the infamous red-tape that is required for the project.

Stadium projectIn fact, we still have to wait. Gone is the assuredness city hall had about the project being in line with the public interest. Right now, the ball is in the court of Pallotta’s Italian cohorts, the Parnasi Group which will have to present the final and definitive project for the construction of the stadium and surrounding area.

After long deliberation and debate, city hall had appeared to approve the split of a metro line which would lead from the main city subway towards the stadium, along with train lines, a pedestrian bridge to cross the Tevere, and various other features. Since Christmas, however, everything is paralyzed.

The mayor of Rome is always optimistic when asked about the project, but the only workers on site appear to be geological workers taking data on the terrain. These studies are important to the final project, however, but everything seems stalled. The several studies needed to O.K. the project, along with the bureaucratic red tape that surrounds the metro, railways, and general transportation to the stadium and back will realistically take longer than the six months that the management is expecting. It will more than likely be delayed another six to eight months. The definite approval, if it comes, will not be immediate.

(Il Tempo)

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