Roma: The bomb Gervinho has been defused!

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The fast Ivorian winger Gervinho was considered a point of strength for Roma during last season, however, his performance has been really disappointing so far.

If we rethink about Roma’s previous season (2013-14) we can definitely say that Gervinho was (together with Benatia) the best deal that Walter Sabatini closed in the summer. The fast Ivorian International joined Roma, thanks to Garcia’s suggestion, after a very disappointing season played at Arsenal in the English Premier League. Gervinho decided to land in the capital of Italy in order to let Rudi Garcia, the man who coached him at Lille, to re-discover all his qualities as a footballer that he seemed to have lost in the UK.

Since his first matches played with the giallorossi Gervinho was able to amaze the crowds thanks to his incredible speed and unpredictability. The Ivorian was capable of driving the opponent defenders crazy thanks to his hyperactive way of playing the ball and running like “Forest Gump!” However, since last season something has changed and his performance are not that great anymore. It seems like that the bomb Gervinho has been defused thanks to the ability of the opponents.

Let’s check together what the Ivorian winger was able to do in 2013-14 season and what he is incapable of doing in this current year…

Gervinho complete stats-analisys
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As you can see from the graph and the stats provided by Gervinho was seriously more efficient last year than this one. That’s why Roma’s way to play seems to be very predictable and inefficient. I’ve selected a few key parameters such as:

  • Chance created;
  • Assists;
  • Total shots;
  • Goal scored.

I believe that thanks to these numbers we can reach the conclusion that Gervinho was the main successful factor in Roma’s winning of the past year and, at the same time, the Ivorian represents the weakest factor of the actual Roma’s disappointing performances.

It is clear to everyone that most of the time numbers don’t lie. All the values that I analyzed in the graph above have a downward trend over the previous season. Gervinho is not creating chances or serving assists anymore because the opponent defenders are not letting him take the ball, turn and running as Forest Gump would do! The opponent teams understood that the only way to defuse the bomb Gervinho is to promptly attack him before he gets the ball.

At this stage there is only one man that can / should solve this problem, his name is Rudi Garcia. The frenchmen is the only one that must find adequate counter measures to let the bomb Gervinho explode again. However, he has not been able to do that so far and Roma is suffering a lot!

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