Roma-Pjanic: The mysterious decline of a champion!

Yesterday’s match between Roma and Juventus just confirmed that Miralem Pjanic is passing though his worst moment at Roma. The Bosnian star is a distant relative of the precious and classy midfielder that we all admired last season.

Undoubtedly in the last couple of months Roma’s performances were very disappointing. Garcia‘s team seem not to be confident of their way to play and the opponents, whichever they were, understood Roma’s bad moment and adopted ad-hoc counter-measures. The French coach is in a total confusion even if he could be partially justified due to the incredible amount of injuries that Roma faced so far. However, Roma’s way to play seems to be really predictable but, moreover, the team is not fit enough to speed up its actions to create dangerous opportunities to score.

If we analyze Roma’s matches so far there is one player that is definitely under-performing and his name is Miralem Pjanic. The Bosnian (I would say “former”) star is passing through his worst moment at Roma and the supporters are getting sick of his weak performances. Pjanic is not a great value for Roma anymore and the team is suffering because of his precarious physical and mental condition.

Even in yesterday’s match against Juventus no one could say that Pjanic made the difference and impressed for his quality and endurance but without any doubt most of the people could say the opposite. In order to justify my thesis I would like to provide you with some statistical analysis of his performance.

Thanks to the famous portal I can show you some stats that will leave you astonished, Pjanic’s endurance is almost nonexistent if we think that we are speaking about a professional player. Check the graph below…

Roma-Juve Pjanic Performance score
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We can easily see from the stats relative to the “Performance Score” that the Bosnian midfielder plays proficiently for no more than 40 minutes out of 90. The graph highlights his total absenteeism from the game from that moment until the 65th minute of the game in which the team had that angry reaction to score the equalizer. Even with that global reaction Pjanic’s performance doesn’t get a sufficient evaluation, in fact it is possible to see that his match ends with a negative performance score number just below the zero.

What scared me the most, but I have to say that by watching the match I was already aware of it, is that Miralem Pjanic makes a lot of passages due to his central position on the field but he doesn’t create real chances or key passages for the sake of his team anymore. Let’s check this stat as well…

Roma-Juve Pjanic Completed passes
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As we can see he touches the ball in almost all areas of the field but his completed passages are just easy touches to his nearest teammate. Don’t you believe it? Let’s check to the graph below so…

roma-Juve Pjanic Key passes
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In 90 minutes Pjanic performed just 1 key passes from the center of the midfield and, moreover, he hasn’t performed any assists during the entire match against Juventus.

In conclusion I would say that we all expect something more from Miralem Pjanic because he already demonstrated to have great qualities during the last season. However, in this moment he cannot be a starter anymore and Garcia must understand this. The stats are there to in-depth analyze the minimum details of each player’s performance and so far Pjanic’s efficiency is definitely deficient and unjustifiable.

Let me know what you guys think!

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