Roma-Keita: “I’m not afraid of Juventus because I played with Barcelona!”

Seydou Keita triggers the upcoming match against Juventus. The Malian star is not scared at all of the Bianconeri because he is use to these kind of big matches.

What can I say about a monument like Seydou Keita. He is definitely one of the best players that I’ve seen playing with my beloved Roma jersey but moreover he is that kind of wise guy that spreads calm in people’s hearts. I firmly believe that if he wasn’t such a good player he would have passed his life in Tibet as a Buddhist monk (I’m sorry I woke up in this way today!)

Seydou Keita is a super champion able to lead a team thanks to his incredible experience and tactics wisdom that let him become Guardiola‘s pupil when Barcelona was amazing the world with its super innovative, engaging and attractive football.

The Malian hero cannot be scared about the upcoming match between Roma and Juventus because at Barcelona he played against the best teams in the world and most of the time he came out of the battle as the indisputable winner. Just to refresh our minds let’s check again his incredible historical records…

In the last 15 years Keita and has been able to triumph in almost every competition (national and international) in which he was involved. He started way back in 2001-02 by winning the French Cup with FC Lorient but when he joined Barcelona his achievements become astonishing. Undoubtedly in the last decade Barcelona was the best team in the world and thanks to Messi, Ronaldinho and Eto’o and some other juggler of the midfield Guardiola’s team taught how to play football to the entire world. Seydou Keita was part of that extraordinary group of stars but moreover he was one of the cornerstones of Pep Guardiola’s module. As the experienced coach once said:

“Keita is my metronome, with him on the playing field I know that my team has the necessary balance. He is a wise and honest man.”

Yes, the Malian star was really important for Barcelona and he conquered the scene with the Spanish giant by lifting to the sky many trophies:

  • 3 Spanish Liga;
  • 5 Spanish Super-Cup (1 with Siviglia);
  • 2 Champions League;
  • 1 UEFA Super-cup;
  • 2 Intercontinental Cup for club.

From the season 2008-09 he play 188 matches with Barcelona, scored 22 goals and served 14 assists…these data are there to witness that Keita was a key player of the best team of the world.

Kita Performance per club table
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Nowadays Seydou Keita is a Roma player and the supporters are firmly convinced that he is one of the best players of Roma’s roster. Shortly after his arrival in Rome the Malian star was re-nomined “Il professor” (the Italian way to say “The professor”) due to his wise skill and experience to manage the possession of the ball and give the appropriate rhythm of play to the Giallorossi. Likewise Pep Guardiola also Rudi Garcia believes that Keita is a leader inside and outside the field. For these reasons anytime he is fit and ready to play the French coach is always pretty happy to let him lead the Giallorossi.

The upcoming big clash against Juventus and the kind of matches that Keita lives for. In a recent interview that he released to La stampa (one of the major Italian newspapers) he stated:

“I’m getting ready for this match and I’m preparing it like a match valid for the title. I’m not just coming up with this because I have to but because I firmly believe that if we win we’ll reopen the challenge for the title. It is very important what we are able to transmit to our fans. We are humans and it’s not true that the players can completely get isolated from the environment in which they live in. If the Olympic stadium will support us we can defeat Juventus. I have the maximum resect for the Bianconeri but I’m not afraid of Juventus because I played with Barcelona!

Here the fans are very passionate, sometimes to the point of fanaticism. I already imagine what could happen if we’ll win something.The negative factor is that there are too many empty seats on the stands and, moreover, the racism. 

I was almost laughing in Rotterdam because I’ve experienced a paradoxal situation. You throw a banana toward me but you pay to come to the stadium to admire my performance. This behavior is not understandable but I know that it is really difficult to eliminate racism.”

The match between Roma and Juventus has been triggered, now the Giallorossi must show to the world that they are “Hungry for Glory“.

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