Roma-Glen Johnson: A possible deal that does not convince me!

Roma is looking to pursue a fullback again and the actual rumors are stating about a possible deal with Liverpool’s Glen Johnson. These are the reasons why I don’t believe he could be the right choice for Roma. 

We are here again talking about Roma’s decennial problem on the two defensive sides. Most of the AS Roma supporters are still remembering a few great left and right fullbacks that wore the giallorossi also because right now it is not possible to be completely happy with Cole, Torosidis, Holebas and Maicon.

The English former player (that’s what he looks like to me!) seems to be at the end of his career. Ashley Cole resembles one of the millions of tourists that come to Rome to admire the splendor of this inimitable city. However, he is a player that earns a lot of money and so far his performances are horrendous. The Greek star Torosidis is definitely a pretty decent player and I have a similar opinion of Jose Holebas as well. “Toro“, as the Roma supporters like to call him, constantly performs well and the same is valid for Holebas but both of them should be the perfect players that sometimes should replace the starters. Instead now they are the starters and I believe that the giallorossi deserve a bit more if they want to win the title and perform better in the international competitions. Maicon is a different topic. The Brazilian defender was the best fullback in the World but football leaves no room for memories. Actually Maicon is a former player as well and Sabatini must replace him with someone else.

In light of that said above I will start talking about the actual rumors that are stating of a possible imminent deal between Roma and Liverpool’s Glen Johnson. I have to say that he was a very good player for long time and he is still not old (30.) However, I cannot be excited to see him on my team if I deeply analyze his recent history.

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In the season 2013-14 Johnson played 29 matches (2515 minutes) serving 3 assists and scoring 1 own goal. He also played 1 League Cup and at the end of the season he was part of English national team at the World Cup 2014. In the most important competition for national teams Johnson has played 2 out of the 3 matches, the one against Italy and Uruguay while he sat on the bench against Costa Rica before coming back to the UK due to the elimination of England from the group D. What scared me a lot is the frequent injuries that Glen Johnson has suffered in various moment of the season. According to the stats provided by Johnson was out of the playing field from September 16, 2013 to October 5, 2013 due to a malleolar injury. Subsequently he suffered of the same physical problem from January 28, 2014 to February 12, 2014. This second period of stop didn’t allow him to play the entire FA Cup with Liverpool.

At this stage I decided to double check Johnson’s physical situation of the current season, the 2014-15. He is obviously still playing at Liverpool even if he isn’t really a factor for Brendan Rogers‘ team so far. Glen Johnson actually played in all the competitions in which Liverpool was included, the Premier League, the FA Cup, the Champions League and the League Cup but his physical problems are still heavily affecting his performances. He suffered a serious hamstring injury that has left him away from the playing field from August 31, 2014 until September 27, 2014. Johnson’s sufferance didn’t stop and due to a groin strain he didn’t play from December 21, 2014 to February 22, 2015 when Rogers decided to let him play the last 15 minutes of the away match that Liverpool played against Southampton.

In light of Glen Johnson’s recent performances and medical problems I confirm that this deal doesn’t convince me at all. Roma seriously need fit players especially after the very difficult moments in which the giallorossi are passing through also due to the multiple injuries that affected their players. Rudi Garcia, and the AS Roma supporters need certainties, not only high-sounding names of former great players that are coming to Rome to close their career in pace.

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