Roma doesn’t shoot from inside the box…this is its problem!

In the last few days I was analyzing Roma’s offensive inefficiency. The data are clear, the giallorossi are not able to be dangerous from inside the box, this is the real problem that Garcia must solve.

Roma is a great team that in the last period lost confidence with scoring goals. The giallorossi are constantly lacking in finalizing their constant possession of the ball and this fact put in danger the confidence of the team within the box. Yes because Roma’s offensive problems are right there, Roma is not able to create danger within the box, perhaps because there isn’t a striker there to put the opposing defense line in trouble.

In order to explain Roma’s offensive weaknesses I would like to provide you with a graphic view provided by

Roma-Juve shoots within the box
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Thanks to this graph it’s really clear that Roma didn’t perform offensively well against Juventus. Allegri’s guys were able to cover all the zone of the field and Roma wasn’t fast and good enough to find the right gaps to put the Bianconeri in danger. However, it is incredible that in the entire 90 minutes of the match Roma shot within the box (or penalty area) only 1 time and thanks to a defender. The graph provided highlights Manolas header toward Buffon at the 71st minute of the game. No Roma forwarders or midfielders were able to shot from the penalty are whatsoever. This is an alarming data because a team as Roma that can line up players like Totti, Ljajic, Gervinho and Iturbe needs to create more within the box.

Roma experienced an equal offensive situation in the previous match that Garcia’s team played against Hellas Verona.

Verona-Roma shoots within the box
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In that away match Roma was only able to shot 2 times from within the box toward Verona’s goalkeeper, Benussi. The first time that the giallorossi ended up by shooting from the penalty area was at the 11th minutes thanks to Ljajic and the second time at the 48th minute thanks to Nainggolan. These numbers are particularly remarkable and alarming because while against Juventus Roma was facing the best Italian defense line we cannot say the same of Verona.

My final conclusions are two. Firstly Roma must have a striker able to constantly fight against the opponent defenders within the penalty area. Someone with the killer instinct. Totti could do that and I believe that giallorossi could benefit from his presence there rather than almost on the midfield line. Secondly, Gervinho and Ljajic must create the superiority on the two sides of the field by dribbling their opponents. By doing so Roma would break through the sides and the opponent central defender would be obliged to close the gap. If the central defenders close the side bands than the Roma striker will be frier to shoot on target and possibly score.

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