Roma: Bruno Peres could become one of the best fullbacks in the world

Torino’s Bruno Peres is definitely a potential great player and most of the best Italian teams are fighting to sign him. Roma is deeply interested in the Brazilian fullback and Sabatini should make an offer as soon as possible. 

My deep passion for AS Roma doesn’t hide my unconditioned love for football. On a yearly basis I’m also able to watch hundreds of matches because I really like to analyze the various games and challenge myself in identifying potential great players. The transfer market period is the most exciting period for those that love soccer but we have to be smart enough in filtering the truthful possible negotiations from the unrealizable ones. Yes, because the newspapers have always only one desire, to write something that could be highlighted as a scoop and that could generate deep interest in the readers. In order to reach their goals, sometimes, they come up with unbelievable transfer market news that in reality are just phantom negotiations ad-hoc thought and written by the journalists.

I’m a writer too but, moreover, I believe to be a passionate AS Roma supporter that is smart enough to understand if someone is teasing me or not. For this reason I read many things, I evaluate many articles and I process a sort of screening that I believe to be a necessary process to do in order to understand something more about the transfer market.

Recently many newspapers wrote about a possible Roma’s imminent bid for Torino’s Bruno Peres. I reckon that this is a truthful news and I’m here to express my point of view about it.

Bruno Peres is one of the few fullbacks in the world that seriously impressed me. He is not a simple “one great match player” one of those players that are able to play a wonderful match and then disappear for ever. I really believe that Torino‘s Brazilian fullback is the right player that Walter Sabatini, AS Roma Sporting Director, should immediately pursue. I prefer him to the other players that the newspapers are stating to be close to Roma such as Johnson, Darmian and so on.

Bruno Peres is a 24 year old Brazilian fullback able to kick with both feet. On July 15, 2012 he was pursued by Santos and in that season he played 27 matches and scored 2 goals. However, after Cicinho’s arrival at the Brazilian club, Bruno Peres was benched. In fact he managed to play no more than 10 matches in 2013 and scored only 1 goal. On September 1, 2014 Peres was pursued by Torino and he was able to impress everyone thanks to his multiple great performance during the season. Walter Sabatini seems to be fully “in love” with the Brazilian and he is trying to pursue him in order to replace Maicon on Roma’s defensive right flank.

Let’s check together what kind of player Bruno Peres is…

Peres is an offensive fullback that seems to be perfect when playing in Ventura’s 5-3-2 module. He is powerful, fast, and I would say even elusive in progression. Most of us still remember his amazing goal against Juventus. Just check the following video…

[sz-youtube url=”″ width=”620″ height=”240″ /]

Exciting right?

Peres seems to be the standard Brazilian fullback, a sort of offensive winger able to support the offensive line and less able to properly defend.

In conclusion I believe that he can be Roma’s new Maicon and even more. In fact I reckon that he has the potential to become one of the best fullbacks in the world as Maicon was for years while he was playing at Inter. Sabatini should definitely pursue him and my fingers are every day crossed hoping to receive and write a similar news: “Bruno Peres-Roma: Deal done!


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