Roma: A master in the possession, a student in the offensive line!

Roma’s current season is highlighting the weaknesses of Garcia’s team. While the Giallorossi are master in keeping the possession of the ball their offensive line is very unproductive. 

The situation is clear and I believe that after my analysis most of you will have a better understanding of the current strengths and weaknesses of Garcia‘s team. I’m not a teacher ready to explain the daily lesson but I’m a stats lover and thanks to the numbers that I’m going to list for you all will have a clear idea of what is working and not for Roma in this season.

Thanks to the phenomenal stats I in-depth analyzed the so called “Teams stats rankings tables” which is a table that shows you the numbers of the teams involved in the Top 5 European Leagues. Thanks to these numbers I discovered that the actual problem of the Giallorossi is the inefficiency of their offensive line. The table is divided in three main categories:

  • Defence;
  • Attack;
  • Possession.

The total of the values included in these three categories are highlighted in the column at the far right hand side of the table. In order to deeply understand this table I’m going to provide you with three different graphs with which I’ll be able to demonstrate that Roma has a strong ball possession, a productive defense line and an inefficient offensive propulsion.

Let’s check the first table in which the ball possession coefficients are highlighted:

Possession table
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As you can see Roma sit on the fifth spot behind some of the super-powers of football and even preceding some of them. With a score of 1,919 Roma is slightly behind Ancelotti’s team (Real Madrid) and far ahead of the duo from Manchester (City & United.) This table highlights that Roma is very efficient in managing the possession of the ball and in dominating the match as the Giallorossi did in most of the matches played so far.

The second table highlights the parameter relative to the defense line:

Defence table
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Roma drops a few positions (from the 5th to the 9th) but still Garcia’s team seem to be really productive and well covered. Just a few French teams are performing better than Roma but we have to understand that the French Ligue 1 is still not comparable to the Italian Serie A which definitely is a more difficult league. PSG and Barcelona defend better than the Giallorossi but Roma’s overall defensive performance is very positive and confirmed by being the second best defense line of the Serie A behind Juventus.

The third and last table is going to highlight the inefficiency of Roma’s attacks:

Attack table
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Roma drops to the 12th position of the table with a coefficient of 3,332 that is even lower than that registered by the hated rivals of the capital, Lazio. Juventus is far ahead (8th position) and the other best teams in the world (Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Chelsea and Barcelona) are teams that live on other planets!

These graphs were able to in-depth understand that Sabatini must work hard to provide Roma with a great striker, as I already mentioned in this article.

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