Let me clarify the importance of stadium ownership

Stadio della Roma
Stadio della Roma

In today’s football stadium ownership is mandatory to grow revenues and keep the club at the top of the pyramid. AS Roma management is deeply focused on building a new stadium and I’m going to explain why their view could change the future of the giallorossi.

There are still many skeptical AS Roma supporters out there. I noted it by listening to radio and TV programs as well as by interacting with them via Twitter. Most of them believe that AS Roma’s American management should only create an instant team to win and then apply a silly concept denominated “Che sarà sarà!”

As you guys know Que serà, serà (Whatever Will Be, Will Be), is a famous song written by Ray Evans e Jay Livingston that was published in 1956 and I have to say that it sends to the world a really important message if we analyze it from the point of view that people must accept whatever happens in life because human beings cannot control everything. However, the concept of “Whatever Will Be, Will Be” cannot be applied in business.

I’m not crazy, I’m really going to explain the importance of  stadium ownership!

In the last decade Italian clubs suffered a steadily growing gap with the top European clubs. This gap translated into a huge difference in revenue that convinced the top players to go abroad and made the Serie A lose appeal. This evil process happened because the Italian clubs do not own their stadiums. The lack of investment in this sector is really depressing and, at this stage, only Juventus FC and Udinese own their stadiums and, especially for the team from Turin, the results are clear to everyone. The lack of investment in infrastructure and services, weak managements, and bureaucratic difficulties, are putting the Italian football at edge of the cliff.

Stadium AS RomaPallotta & Co perfectly know that in order to increase the profits and pursue new great players the stadium is a necessary structure that must be realized. AS Roma‘s American management already presented a project that if / when it will be realized will give to the giallorossi a financial stability that represents a prerequisite for a great future. However, I can understand that for the average football fan these financial / business matters are not easy to understand. Especially in Italy there is a medieval way to think that it is better to have a great season and then fall into the anonymity again rather that a sustainable project that could give long-term happiness and glory to a team and its passionate fans. It doesn’t matter if my point of view is not shared by most of the supporters but I firmly believe that the Italian football and it’s fans should update and evolve otherwise they are destined to “die.”

Let me tell you something more in order to support my thesis with facts. 

According to the official data thanks to its new stadium Arsenal’s profits increased of around £66 million. In addition the same English club has created around 9000 “premium seats” that allowed Arsenal to get another 35% profits due to this new sector. However, in the special list regarding the revenues obtained from the matches played in the new stadiums Arsenal leads the group followed by Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Juventus, and Manchester United. In the list below I’m going to highlight the revenues that those clubs were earning when playing in their old stadiums and their actual revenues in their new stadiums. In addition I’ll highlight the difference in percentage that I believe to be the most important parameter to understand. I’m pretty sure that after reading these data most of the AS Roma supporters will better understand why Pallotta & Co are deeply focused on the creation of the new stadium.   

Arsenal:  (OLD stadium) €63.8  M – (NEW stadium) €134.6 M – (change %) +111;

Man City: (OLD stadium) €12.5  M – (NEW stadium) €25.8 M – (change %) +106.4;

Bayern Munich: (OLD stadium) €29  M – (NEW stadium) €52.1 M – (change %) +79.7;

Juventus: (OLD stadium) €11.6  M – (NEW stadium) €31.8 M – (change %) +174.1;

Man UTD: (OLD stadium) €103.1  M – (NEW stadium) €137.5 M – (change %) +33.4;

(Data provided by Calcioefinanza.it

I believe that the situation is clear and I’m really shocked by those that still believe that Pallotta is not doing everything that is possible for the sake of AS Roma. Every investors or businessmen pass through difficulties and moments of high proficiency, through negative and positive periods but the long-term project that the Americans are implementing is something that will reshape our AS Roma for ever.

Don’t be happy of a mere single happiness when you could conquer the world tomorrow.

Be ambitious!

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  1. It’s simply imperative that the old conservative (corrupt) politicians let the clubs build stadiums NOW. Napoli, Inter, Roma and Milan must build 50.000-55.000 stadiums now while Fiorentina and Lazio must imitate Juventus’ 41.500 seater stadium.

  2. Bravo article. It should also be explained that the stadium is part of a package of measures to improve the club, including better branding and merchandising operations, and higher sponsorship values, all of which will support and benefit from the stadium and, last but certainly not least, an ultra-competitive squad that is attractive to watch.

  3. It makes total sense for AS Roma to have its own stadium, commercially Serie A match days are decades behind other league in generating revenues for the club. I have been at Stadio Olympico many times and there is zero money being made compared to English Prem league clubs, its time for ASR to lead from the front and create a stable finance model to protect the club in the future.


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