Flexibility is the strength and weakness of Italian football!

The main question that we have to face in today’s football is to understand if there is a philosophy in Italian Football. The flexibility of our way to play could definitely be a double-edged sword that is affecting the future of the Italian soccer.

Many times we have heard people talking about the skepticism of the Italian teams in letting young and talented players play the important matches. I believe that in Italy the most important clubs such as Juventus, Roma, Milan, Inter and Napoli must be able to develop their own idea of football and an accurate organization. I also believe that in order to deeply understand these concepts we have to carefully analyze a few differences that there are between Italian and Spanish football. Spanish football is definitely the best expression of a sports movement that firmly believes in the youngsters and it is not scared to put them in the battlefield to demonstrate their values. I reckon that in Spain there is a perfectly thought out mix between a spectacular dimension of soccer and an excellent organizational structure of the clubs.

On the other side there is Italian football and the victory that is perceived as the unique yardstick, I’m talking about flexibility. This concept is very important because traditionally Italy is a country that has been able to adapt itself to every historical period it passed through and even in football this adaptability allowed the Azzurri to win many World Cups in the course of the years. However, as I was stating before, flexibility can be positive and negative in the world of sports and especially in our beloved football system. Our clubs, in fact, are recognized worldwide as teams ready to adapt their module to properly contrast their opponents in the various moments of the match but what was always believed to be a great advantage over the “enemies” is now perceived as a limitation because our clubs haven’t developed a proper style of playing.

I believe that this argument is also strictly connected to a terrible phenomena that has been affecting Italian football for some time. I’m talking about the violence inside and outside the stadiums performed by groups of crazy fans that would do everything in order to express their political ideology or to let their faction win. These groups of people hide their political ideas behind the sporting event perceiving the soccer match as a battle that must be won at all costs. In essence what we really need is a sports culture that is totally missing in Italy. Nowadays we are not able to enjoy the beauty of the game but we are obsessed with the mere final result. This sick vision of football interferes with the strategies of the clubs that when facing moments in which they cannot reach their sporting objectives they mess up with the choices jeopardizing their strategic coherence.

Italy must learn a new way to perceive the mere football match in order to change the approach of the supporters to this great game. I believe that only developing great strategies and only giving the youngsters time to express their qualities on the playing field the clubs will be able to fill the gap with the foreign football systems.

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