Can Florenzi be AS Roma’s new Zambrotta?

Alessandro Florenzi’s history resembles that of one of the best fullbacks that Italian football ever had.

I like to call him the “handyman” because he really is the AS Roma multi skill player. Rudi Garcia deeply believes in the quality of the Roman guy that match after match is conquering the hearts of the passionate AS Roma supporters. In the course of the years Alessandro Florenzi demonstrated his dedication for this sport and since he joined his beloved team he doubled his efforts to proudly wear Roma’s jersey.

Roma decided to bring him back home when he was playing in the Serie B at Crotone. Over there he was one of the supporters’ idols due to his ability to combine run to quality. For this reason Crotone’s coach decided to change his role letting Florenzi become a confident fullback. In that position he was able to even score a bunch of goals (11 in 35 matches) and propose great performances. In the season 2012-13 Roma decided to redeem him from Crotone closing a deal for €1.25 million. I have to say that this was a wise move because the talented Roman guy seriously repaid Roma for its investment.

During his first season with the giallorossi Florenzi impressed everyone with his speed and way to confidently play in various zones of the field. He also scored his first goal with the jersey of his beloved team in a difficult away match at San Siro stadium against Inter (September 2nd, 2012.) With Rudi Garcia‘s arrival in Rome Florenzi changed role again because the Frenchman firmly believed that he can play in one of the two sides of Roma’s offensive line. However the recent history tells us that Alessandro Florenzi is a useful handyman with a lot of obstinacy and grit, a jolly able to do everything in every moment of the match…in short, a player for whom coaches go crazy.

Roma’s decennial problematic on the two defensive sides, due to the lack of valid backs, obliged Rudi Garcia to try Florenzi as right fullback and….guess what? Florenzi performed very well in that position too. Most of the supporters are slowly admiring him every day more due to his personality and dedication for the team that he always loved. I have to say that in the last period my respect for him dramatically increased because I see in him as a player that never gives up and always puts all his energy on the field to achieve the victory.

It is a while that I’m thinking about who Florenzi resembles and I believe that the right comparison can be done with Juventus former player Gianluca Zambrotta. The guy from Como (Italy) was considered one of the best Italian fullbacks that ever existed. He won the World Cup in 2006 together with AS Roma legend Francesco Totti and he always amazed the crowds for his offensive propulsion. Zambrotta had a powerful physique and a great endurance. During his years at Juventus he demonstrated to be a good technical and tactical player, a fast runner with a good control of the ball.

Although the physical characteristics of these two players (Zambrotta former player) are different I firmly believe that Alessandro Florenzi can retrace the footsteps traced by the former Juventus player. In the last period Rudi Garcia tried him as right fullback and I believe that he can impress everyone in that role because he has the necessary tactical intelligence and endurance to defend and counter-attack. In todays football the fullbacks must be able to push the action on their sides in order to let the opponent fullbacks draw back. By doing so the team can achieve a numerical superiority when attacking the opponent’s defense line and this is a key aspect to creating dangerous opportunities to score goals. Zambrotta was a master in attacking the enemy line and in serving delicious assists for the strikers and the midfielders located in the box. I swear that Florenzi can do great things playing on Roma’s defensive right side as Zambrotta was doing for the vecchia signora.

I would like to know your opinion as well.

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