Torosidis: “We want the Scudetto, we are still challenging for it!”

Roma’s Greek fullback Vasilis Torosidis is really focused on AS Roma’s main goal. Torosidis confirmed that the team wants the Scudetto.

Vasilis Torosidis is one of those players that are worth gold for any coach because they are able to play many roles with a constant positive performance. Even if he is not and he will never be the best fullback in the world Torosidis assures a positive and constant propulsion on the right side of the field and often Garcia lined him up when Maicon was injured or not in perfect shape. Torosidis is a precious handyman for Roma and the supporters know his value and appreciate him a lot.

Today the Greek fullback visited the AS Roma store at the “Romanina” mall in Rome and the official radio station of the Giallorossi, Roma Radio, asked him a few questions about Roma’s goals for the rest of the season. Torosidis replayed as follows:

“We have a great group. My teammates are very nice people and it helped me a lot when I got here. Our good friendship let us play very well on the playing field as well.”

“I don’t read newspapers and I don’t listen the radio, I actually don’t like them. Even in Greece I never listened the radio and read newspapers because I have less external pressure in this way.”

“I believe that this is the first time that there are three Greek players in a big team. We want to win the Scudetto and go ahead in the Europa League as well. We hope to do well. Manolas is a great player and he is also a bit crazy because the Greeks are crazy as well.”

“Our upcoming match against Parma will be very difficult because we they have to win as well. We have all seen Juventus struggling against them in the Italian Cup. However, we have to win for our supporters too.”

“Maicon is a great player and he was an example for me because he constantly played at the top level with really strong teams. I’m here to give my contribution and I have to be ready whenever Garcia decides to line me up.”

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