AS Roma stadium: A study to check its accessibility and impact!

Stadio della Roma
Stadio della Roma

By Giovanni Senes

Stadio della Roma – On February 26th, there will be a seminar studying the overall accessibility and impact on mobility to and from the stadium, and its effects on the rest of city.

There will be discussions on the urban aspects of the project, on rail transportation, road access and parking, the overall effects of the project on the surrounding areas.

Stadium AS Roma

The Association of Engineers of the Province of Rome, in collaboration with the Italian Association of Traffic and Transport Engineers, will host a free seminar on the traffic and transport issues and accessibility-solutions of the new stadium in the Tor di Valle region of southwest Rome.

Note: ‘Accessibility’ is used in the sense of public accessibility and public transit accessibility.

The new Rome comune PRGC (an Italian governmental institution that regulates buildings and edifices within its metropolitan area) has strict guidelines that require the integration of the stadium into the transportation networks of the Rome Metro Area.

The PRGC insists that the stadium be conducive to proper traffic and transportation sustainability, and therefore had requested that Mobility Impact Studies (MIS) be done in order to analyze:

a). The effects of traffic to and from the stadium during peak-activity hours, the results of such disruption on the rest of the city     infrastructure, as well as the simulated results of the proposed solutions      to the aforementioned traffic issues.

b). To determine whether there will need to be additional security, re-   routing of busses, express busses and increased public transit capacity, additional trains, roadblocks, etc. due to traffic fluxes         during peak-activity hours.

c). A feasibility study on the technical and economic ramifications of the predicted issues and proposed solutions of public mobility.

The MIS results state that the Stadio della Roma at Tor di Valle has followed the PRGC regulations by the letter and satisfies every guideline. The seminar will therefore be more for general education purposes to the community and to those who want to indulge in the transparency of the project.

If I were in Rome, I would go in a heartbeat, as it combines my love for urban planning with my unwavering love for A.S. Roma. Onto bigger and better pastures…

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