De Sisti: “Nainggolan, Manolas and Pjanic are Roma’s strongest players!”

Former AS Roma and Udinese player Picchio De Sisti released an interesting interview to in reference to the upcoming match between Udinese and Roma. De Sisti believes that Roma is the favorite team to win but Udinese is a strong team as well and Stramaccioni’s team will do everything to stop Garcia’s guys:

“I reckon that Gervinho’s absence is very bad for Roma. He is an important player for Garcia and the French coach must hope that Iturbe will play well as he never did it so far. However, Roma is a great team and it is favorite in this match but it will not be easy for Garcia’s guys.”

“Garcia is undoubtedly a great coach but I still believe that are the players those who make the difference on the playing field. Nainggolan, Manolas and Pjanic are Roma’s strongest players but also De Rossi and Totti are able to decide a match with a great touch.”

“I’m sure that Stramaccioni (Udinese’s coach) knows that it is really difficult to beat Roma which is the second strongest team of the Serie A, however he wants to make a good impression especially at home and in front of his President Pozzo.”

“In reference to Totti and Di Natale I can just say that champions like them are really rare. Totti is the king of Rome and Di Natale score 200 goals at Udinese…they are phenomenal!” 

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