Juventus-Roma, only abroad someone is talking about this scandalous match!

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In perfect Italian style mystery surrounds the controversial situations. I’m Italian but in these moments I’m embarrassed to say that. The Italian football is just at the end of his cycle and “Calciopoli’s ghosts” seem to return.

For ages the entire world has seen a really weird Serie A. A controversial and mysterious championship that leaves a bad taste in the mouths of all those who do not support for Juventus. Yes, Juventus, the team who held the power in Italy and the club who indirectly receive precious favors from those who hail them as a supreme and divine entity. Juventus don’t need this prostrating respect, Juventus are a strong team that must be equally judged and punished.

However, we are in Italy…the weirdest country of the world that overshadow its beauty with its problems. Soccer is the national sport but at this stage and after years of sufferance I would say that soccer is a sport completely destroyed by the evidence of an embarrassing impartiality on the playing pitch. For years “Calciopoli” was just considered a simple saga pumped up by those frustrated supporters of teams that will never be able to win. However, a few years after the entire world discovered that a sophisticate organization was illegally managing the Italian Serie A.

Everyone saw what happened at the Juventus stadium but in Italy seems to be difficult to admit that Juventus vs Roma was a match in which the final result was modified by an inappropriate referee. Only abroad someone is talking about this scandalous match. Sport 1, a German channel commented the game in this way…

“The Argentine striker Carlos Tevez stroke Roma realizing two really controversial penalties while Leonardo Bonucci scored with a volley the winning goal, however, there was an offside!”

Official article HERE!

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