They make fun of us and no one says anything!

Most of the time we say that Football is the mirror of the country. Perfectly true!

Carlo Tavecchio was elected president of the FIGC after his incredible first speech in which he left the impression of being racist. Claudio Lotito is constantly following the Italian national team and this has created a bit of embarrassment among the players and staff. Lazio’s president Lotito seems to be far away from his team and very close to Conte’s national team. Why? We don’t know is the answer that most of the people would say.

Rumors coming from the retreat of the national team were stating that Lotito is really everywhere and always ready to show up in front of the cameras. The same rumors were also stating that many players are just a bit upset about his presence but Lotito “declared“to be one of the one of the Federal Councillors and so to have the rights to be there. Unfortunately for the picturesque Lotito, a couple of days later, in order to answer to De Rossi’s attack he said to represent much more of a simple Federal Councillors.

So what? Why is Lotito there with the group? Are the other 20 Federal Councillors happy to be denigrated by him?

In the poor Italy and especially in the retrograde Italian Football system everything seems to be possible. We were waiting to change direction after Italy’s poor performance in the World Cup but the expected change didn’t see the light. Carlo Tavecchio is our weird president of the FIGC, Claudio Lotito represent the the puppeteer and the  other councilors seem to be mere onlookers.

They make fun of us and no one says anything! Only Daniele De Rossi seems to be the best face of football!

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