The story of an announced acquisition!

Joe Tacopina seems to be a really impulsive man, someone who gets what he wants. Many years ago we remember his negotiation to purchase the majority shares of AS Roma. At that time he was acting on behalf of George Soros, the rich Hungarian investor who was interested in expanding his business in soccer as well. However, as we all know, that negotiation did not turn into acquisition for various reasons and Tacopina suddenly disappeared.

A few years after he reached his goal being deeply involved, once again, in the acquisition of AS Roma. He was a member of the group of American investors which have supported Unicredit in the management of the team. Although already in 2012 Joe Tacopina was also interested in the acquisition of Bologna FC for a long period he gave up on this idea. Nobody knows why but his interest in Bologna FC was real as confirmed by his trips to see various matches of the Emilian team. The 27 September 2012, Joe Tacopina went to Siena to watch the match between Siena and Bologna valid for the fifth week of the Serie A.

Nowadays we understand a bit more of his project because as of today Tacopina is the former AS Roma vice-president because he is completing Bologna’s acquisition. The situation is pretty clear also because himself stated:

Dear Members of the board of directors of Roma Calcio it is with a great sense of fulfillment that I communicate my resignation from AS Roma. As my father once told me, we have to let what life has planned for us happen. For me, Rome was a lifetime dream and I will always carry with me the memories that the team and the great Roma fans have given me, things that mean so much to me. Now it is time to follow a path that is waiting for me, a path that I have walked many years ago for the first time but it was not the right time for me. Now the time is right. Bologna is a beautiful city, a good team and I made ​​the decision to be part of them.

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