Pallotta: “None of us will be satisfied until Roma will be the best club in the world.”

Stadio della Roma
Stadio della Roma

Roma Radio interviewed AS Roma’s president James Pallotta and Mark Pannes in reference to the project of the new stadium that tomorrow should receive the approval from the municipality of Rome.

Tomorrow will be a very important day, we are confident, we know that we have brought a great project for the whole of Italy that will bring the Serie A to the position that it deserves.

We would like things to go at a fast pace. We know that still a lot must be done, however, we did an outstanding job in these two and a half years. We have done everything in detail thinking of AS Roma and the city of Rome. We are pleased with the mayor of Rome and the city council who have done a great job for the city.”

We are trying to build a structure that can accommodate football, rugby, college football, entertainment. In the United States the process for a new stadium starts directly with the construction of the stadium itself.

When we started this project we knew that there would be much to spend on infrastructure that’s why we are spending millions of dollars of private funds. We have already said that the whole project will be the largest project from the 20s onwards. The cost will be more than one billion euro with all the facilities and related works. A great thing is to see that the airport will be enhanced and this will benefit all. We will do everything we can to make sure that Rome will be one of the major destinations in the world.”

As the architectural design scenario develops it will be amazing. I read about real estate speculation. It is absolutely untrue, all we‘re doing is important for the city of Rome without speculation. The only reason why the ownership of the stadium is what it is, is due to financial matters. It is the only way by which we can finance such a project. We currently pay 8 million euro a year to rent the Olimpico stadium and when we build the new one the costs will drop to 2 million. There is no rationality in the comments of critics.”

I hope that other entrepreneurs can learn from us as we do from them. It is a process of growth that will help to improve the Serie A. We can feel the enthusiasm of the team and the staff. I am optimistic for our project that will last for the next 20-30 years. I’m not going to give up unless someone will come and throw me into the river. People understand and appreciate our effort. We want to make Roma the biggest club in the world. None of us will be satisfied until Roma will be the best club in the world.”

I’ve always been a bit of a fan, I would never have embarked on this project if I was not a fan. Obviously there is a big business project as well. I hate to lose and I am very competitive. If you want a strong team you need a big financial effort. The day we will open the stadium and the fans arrive I hope they will be overwhelmed by that experience. I can not wait to stand there and see the wonder on the faces of the fans who enter.

I want to thank all the fans for their support over the past two years. The fans and the city of Rome are finally understanding the meaning of this project. I am a small part of the history of AS Roma and even a smaller part of the history of the city of Rome. We are honored and grateful to be part of the greatest city in the world, the larger culture of the greatest country in the world and what I think is the greatest team in the world. FORZA ROMA!”

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