The crisis of the world’s richest players

Source: Business Insider – Data by Transfermarkt

A really interesting article published by Business Insider highlighted the list of the world’s richest players that are involved in the World Cup in Brazil. It is especially interesting to note that most of these players are actually experiencing a period of crisis.

Let’s check it out together…

In the first position we find Cristiano Ronaldo who is the lucky owner of  a bank account that is overwhelmed with cash, around $230 million. Not bad right? I would say that I could easily and happily live with much less, however, I’m not jealous and I reckon that he deserves that huge wealth. However, his physical condition is not good at all. Since the end of the Spanish Liga he is struggling with a knee problem and also the latest match that he played against Germany demonstrated that his problem is still far away to disappear.

Lionel Messi can definitely be a bit jealous of Cristiano Ronaldo because, at this stage, he owns only $180 million. That’s sad! Although also he does not have any problem to buy food at the market he is not living the best period of his young life. Last season with Barcelona wasn’t great. He was injured for a long time and, moreover, he didn’t score as many goals as he usual does.

Wayne Rooney owns $95 million and we could say that he is poor in comparison to the other two previously mentioned money machines. However, his season with Manchester United was terrible. For the first time in at least a decade Manchester Utd didn’t qualify for the Champions League and Rooney is definitely one of the protagonists of this disaster.

Didier Drogba and Samuel Eto’o, respectively owners of  $90 and $75 million, are players on the road to sunset. The first one performed not really well in a poor Liga such as the Turkish one, while the second scored 9 goals with Chelsea but he has been mocked by his coach, Jose Mourinho, who called him “old player.” Also their first performance at the World Cup was not positive. Eto’o didn’t impress the crowd with his freshness and Drogba was sitting on the bench for a while.

The same reasoning made for the previous two players can be made also for Frank Lampard ($60), Steven Gerrard ($55) and Fernando Torres ($50). They are definitely not impressing anymore and their respective national teams seriously lost their inaugural match against Italy and Netherlands.

Gianluigi Buffon is acknowledged as one of the leaders of the Italian national team. He lives a comfortable life thanks to the $50 million in his pockets but, right before Italy’s inaugural match against England he suffered of a problem with his leg. There is a sort of mystery going on right now because nobody seems to know if his World Cup already ended or if  he has a chance to play against Costa Rica and/or Uruguay.

The only player on the list that, so far, seems to be ok is Yaya Toure, who is listed in the 6th position of the world’s richest players thanks to his $70 million deposited somewhere for the happiness of the director of the bank. He played a great season with Manchester City, he won the Premier League and his national team won its inaugural match of the World Cup. If I were him I would ask to be promptly removed from this catastrophic list!

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