Goldman Sachs: World Cup predictions for Italy

Source: Goldman Sachs

Probably many of you have already read Goldman Sachs’ prediction for the World Cup in Brazil. If not you can read it now from here!

What I would like to analyze is exactly that prediction but focusing on the Italian national team. Let’s say that after the last match, tie against Luxembourg, Prandelli’s guys certainly do not start this competition as the favorite team and even as one of the possible winners. However, Goldman Sachs’s prediction is not so bad for Italy.

Let’s begin our analysis…

According to the prediction, Italy is the favorite team in Group D. In short, Italy could not pass the group only due to a mix of various unfortunate events. However, do not worry…think positive! In fact, Italy will pass the group thanks to the following results:

Italy vs England 1-1

Italy vs Costa Rica 2-1

Italy vs Uruguay 1-1

Certainly these are not exciting results but we have to understand that our national team does not have many stars to shine.

During the knockout round Italy will face Colombia that cannot line up the injured Radamel Falcao (info here!).

The prediction is still positive for the Italian national team that will overcome this obstacle.

The adventure of Prandelli’s guys will stop in the quarterfinals when Italy will face “The red furies” in short, the Spanish national team.

The truth is that after the recent performances of the Italian team only a fool would think that Italy may win the World Cup. However, as stated in this document published by Goldman Sachs, the predictions shown are very uncertain because football is a low-scoring and unpredictable game. According to that, Cesare Prandelli can still hope for a miracle.

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